This website is a free informative site on the wonderful magical crystal known as Phitkari (alum crystal).

Phitkari is an integral part of Indian life. It is not only used for medicinal purposes but also in Indian cooking. Growing up in India I’ve seen Phitkari being used in a variety of ways. You can find Phitkari being used in each and every household in India in one form or another. Men use it as aftershave and it’s used by chefs to prepare chena which is the main ingredient of over 90% or Indian sweets.

The best thing with this ordinary looking crystal is that it’s dirt cheap, it’s so cheap that people even don’t bother to pay any attention. In India it’s one of the cheapest item after matchbox which can be found in all grocery shops. Even in London it’s not so expansive – about £7 for 100 gms which lasts for 6-8 months.

I haven’t been using Phitkari in my early years when I was in India as we don’t get many skin related problems thanks to 98% humidity and 365 days of sunshine. Living in dry and cold weather in London did affect my, otherwise, wonderful skin and this is when I rediscovered Phitkari after trying out all pharmacy crap.

I’ve been using Phitkari as aftershave and to cure rashes, minor cuts and any other skin related problems. Phitkari always works wonder.

After years of using Phitkari and seeing it’s benefits I decided to set up this website to help others. Contact me if you would like to contribute on this website.

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  1. Saityanaya Doley says:

    sir phitkari kinte time face me loga ke lgna hy…..

  2. Amanda Summer says:


    I founded a small NGO in Changunarayan, near Bhaktapur. We are starting a women’s project and need a mold in order to make a soap-like product with melted fitkuri stones.

    We need the mold to be in the size and shape of an egg and have an Om carved into the top and Om mani patma om etched into it across the stone.

    If you would be able to make a mold for such a product please let me know and we can meet with you to discuss it.

    Amanda Summers
    Founder, Kay Garnay for Nepal
    +977 015141181
    Pema Tsering Gurung
    Personal Assistant: +977 9810180816

  3. Gomti says:

    Bulk in powder

  4. Gomti says:

    Pls your contact no

  5. Biswajeet Panda says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have tried your said Phitkari and it did prove its best result as a deodorant. Is it mentioned to be a Ayurvedic medicine in any Ayurveda book.

  6. s says:

    How do u carve from phitkari

  7. neha says:

    which brands of toothpaste is use phitkari in paste

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