Phitkari – The Most Effective Aftershave

By Ajay Singh published on Aug 22, 2013

Phitkari (alum block) as Aftershave

Phitkari (alum block) as Aftershave

Since eternity Phitkari (alum) has been used aftershave. Millions across India still use as aftershave. Most of barbers in towns and rural India still use it.

Why Phitkari is the best aftershave

Phitkari  is power packed with medicinal properties. It should be always included in your shaving kit if you wet shave or otherwise.

Phitkari is a styptic which stops bleeding if you get cuts during aftershave. It is also an excellent astringent and closes up the pores. Phitkari is a natural antiseptic which not only stops aftershave rashes but also cures it instantly.

How to use Phitkari (alum block) as aftershave

Before I explain how to use Phitkari as aftershave, I would like to elaborate how to effectively shave first.

It is scientifically proven that wet shave is the best shave. It is not wonder why barbers all around the world still use the wet shave.

Wet Shave Vs Dry Shave

Without any doubt wet shave is better than dry shave. No need to provide explanation and prove it scientifically. Dry shave might be easier, quicker and hassle free but at the end you don’t want to torture your facial skin do you?

What do you need for the best wet shave

The  Perfect Shaving Kit For Men

The Perfect Shaving Kit For Men – Double Edged Safety Razor Blade, Badger Shaving Brush, Shaving Cream and Alum Block

Double-edge safety razor blade, badger hair shaving brush, shaving soap or cream and Phitkari (alum block).

Double-edge safety razor blades are still the best provided you are skilled to handle them. Badger hair shaving brush has excellent lathering qualities and it softens and lifts beard hair for closer longer lasting shave. Badger hair has the ability to absorb hot water during the shave which ensures a very effective lathering performance with either shaving cream or shaving soap.

When to shave

You should always shave just after the shower. Shower opens up the pores and soften hairs which results in a smooth shaving experience.

Don’t dry your face after shower, leave it wet while drying rest of body.


First you should soak shaving brush in warm water. Before you start taking shower put aftershave in warm water and leave it while you are taking shower. Soaking brush in warm water keep it soft and helps in lathering.

Wash face with warm water before applying lather, it helps to open the pores.

Apply shaving cream, start with the side of face which you shave first. Leave it for a minute or so before you start shaving.

Apply shaving cream with gentle hand and you should force brush against skin. Apply few layers so that a nice thick layer of foam is formed.

Start shaving from the side where you applied cream first. Glide the razor while shaving. If you force razor then you will scratch the skin and will end up with rashes.

Be extra careful while shaving in those areas where your facial skin is sensitive or where you get rashes. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. In the movies and in ads you might have seen men shaving on the opposite side of hair growth to get a perfect shave. Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth can give you a nice shave but you will end up with rashes. It also disturbs the direction of natural hair growth and you will end up with standing hairs when unshaved.

Once shaving is finished wash face with cold water followed by applying Phitkari. Cold water closes the pores.

Applying Phitkari (alum block)

Immediately after washing face with cold water, wash phitkari in running cold water and apply on the face gently. Use the smooth edge/surface of the phitkari to rub gently on the face. Apply 1 or 2 layer of coat by gently rubbing phitkari. Apply few extra layers to those areas where you get rashes or skin irritation.

Leave face to dry. Don’t wash it with water or towel immediately. Leave it as long as you can. I normally leave it for 1-2 hours. The longer you keep it the more beneficial it will be for your skin.

After some time dry phitkari will turn into white powder on the face which you can wash with water.

I do not recommend using any aftershave lotion after applying phitkari. Most of the aftershave lotions or other cosmetics are just rubbish chemicals which do more harm then make you look handsome. You can apply cream instead if you feel face is too dry.

That’s all folks! You will never have rashes and skin irritation again as long as you keep using phitkari as aftershave.


3 responses to “Phitkari – The Most Effective Aftershave”

  1. Kevin says:

    I often have rashes and skin irritation even though I take extra care while shaving. I’m going to give alum block a try let’s see if it cures.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice post Ajay, I’ve been using alumn as aftershave myself for last 2 years and found it extremely useful in keeping aftershave rashes under control.

  3. Raw Zen says:

    You have talked about alum and its benefits; Most of the people all over the world are returning to Alum after realising its benefits once they attempt to use it. Yes it is the cheapest and best aftershave and I am regularly using it.

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