Can you use Phitkari (alum) to cure Sprains and Strains

By Ajay Singh published on Jan 6, 2015

Home Remedy for Sprain/Strain

Home Remedy for Sprain/Strain

Someone asked me if Phikari (alum) can cure leg sprains and strains.

Phitkari (Alum) doesn’t have anti-inflammatory property so it can’t be used to cure Sprains and Strains.

Sprains/Strains occur due to stretching/straining of ligaments/muscles which can’t be cured with Phitkari.

You can follow some other home remedies to cure sprains/strains. Following are some steps I can suggest for curing sprains/strains.

First of all make sure not to use the affected part of your body as much as possible. Affected are requires rest to recover.

Home Remedy for Sprain/Strain

1. Ice

Sprain occurs when your ligaments are stretched, twisted or torn in accident or due to excessive force being applied. Body joints are mostly affected by strains.

Ice is very helpful in reducing inflammation and swelling. Ice also relieves pain and stops any internal bleeding from torn ligament. Apply Ice 48 to 72 hours after the injury.

Take ice and wrap it in a damp towel. Apply this to the affected area and keep it for 20-25 minutes.

If you don’t have ice available then you can take frozen peas or any other vegetable package, wrap it in thin cloth and apply on the affected area.

Avoid applying ice directly to the affected area as it may cause skin burn.

2. Compression

This will help in limiting swelling to avoid any further damage to affected area.

Use simple elastic bandage or elasticated tubular bandage to compress the affected area. Don’t compress it too tight as it might restrict blood flow. Don’t forget to remove bandage before you go to sleep.

Use elastic bandage to compress sprain/strain

Use elastic bandage to compress sprain/strain

Sprain/Strain Recovery

It can take anywhere from 6 to 14 weeks to fully recover from a serious sprain/strain.


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