Using Phitkari as Deodorant

By Ajay Singh published on Sep 6, 2013

Phitkari Deodorant

Phitkari (Potassium Alum Crystal) Deodorant Stick

Phitkari (Potassium Alum Crystal) has the natural ability to fight against bacteria. It is an odorless natural crystal which doesn’t leave any mark on clothes. These amazing properties of phitkari makes it the best natural deodorant. Phitkari is also gentle on sensitive skin. You can use phitkari as deodorant irrespective of your skin type and without any worries.

Phitkari is best friend for environmentalists as well. It is natural product and doesn’t involve any manufacturing process leaving environment unaffected. It is biodegradable and doesn’t use any chemicals or animal skins.

Not to mention that this magical crystal is very cheap and last much longer, you buy once and be done for 3-4 years. I bought this potassium alum crystal 2 years back and It’s still left to last for 1 more year. On average a 100g crystal will last for about 4 years for one person use with once a week shaving and daily deodorant useage. Now coming to cost £7 for 100g crystal with lifespan of 4 years is the cheapest product you can buy.

How to use Phitkari as deodorant

There is no hard and fast rule on how to use phitkari as deodorant. You can use it anytime you wish just wash the armpits with water and rub phitkari gently 2-4 times and you are done.

I recommend to using it just after shower which keeps you worry free for the rest of day or night. Wash armpits with cold water and rub phitkari 2-4 times. Don’t dry armpits after applying phitkari, leave it to dry naturally.

Don’t forget to dry phitkari after using it and store it in a dry place. If you leave it wet then it will degrade faster.

Phitkari deodorant sticks

Phitkari is available as deodorant stick but I don’t think it is too comfortable. The reason is that you are trying to hold a rock like crystal in a plastic holder which is guaranteed to loosen with usage. I rather prefer just the crystal in it’s natural form.

You can use any crystal as deodorant, it doesn’t need to be a stick. A natural rock like crystal is as good as a stick. Just make sure that you use the smooth surface to rub against skin or you might scratch skin.

Where to Buy Phitkari Deodorant Sticks

phitkari potassium alum crystal

You can buy it online on Amazon. There are not much choices but you will get authentic crystal.

Try this potassium alum crystal rock. I’ve been using it regularly and I can vouch for it’s authenticity. My whole family uses it. I personally use it as aftershave, deodorant and to cure any other skin irritations.

This comes as two 50g crystals. It’s size make it easy to use. After few usage you will get hang of it. With usage it’s size reduces but that would take years.

Try to use it from the larger side which will make it smooth after few usage and you can use the sharper end as handle to hold. Phitkari is a smooth crystal and it doe get slippery sometimes. Dropping it on hard surface breaks it so be careful while using and don’t drop it.

After a year the size becomes smaller and it can be tricky to use if you have big hands like mine. It start slipping off your fingers when wet.

These guys send these crystals in a nicely wrapped packing and it’s delivered quickly.

Deodorant Stick

phitkari deodorant stick - buy it online at Amazon

On Amazon I can see few phitkari deodorant sticks which look like a comfortable way to use them as deodorant and they are made for this purpose only. I haven’t tried them personally but based on Amazon review I recommend this one. I might try it out in my next purchase.

Try this one, it looks like a perfect phitkari deodorant stick.

Beware of fake phitkari deodorant sticks

There is no dearth of unscrupulous people who try to make money from selling fake products. There are products advertised as crystal alum deodorant sticks made with chemicals which are not natural and authentic potassium crystal. So beware while buying a deodorant stick.


3 responses to “Using Phitkari as Deodorant”

  1. Chris says:

    I often have arm pit irritation because of using chemical based deodorants and I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I gonna dump all chemical deodorants and star using alum from now onwards.
    Tx for sharing man, you are star!

  2. Mohan says:

    After reading this post I started using Phitkari as deodorant and it turns out to be very effective. I used to have armpit pimples (boils/acne) now they are gone once I started using Phitkari. The best thing is that it’s odorless and doesn’t leave any mark on clothes. I apply once in the morning after shower and I’m done for the rest of day.

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