Use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles

By Ajay Singh published on Sep 7, 2013

Phitkari (Potassium Alum or alum) is a wonderful crystal when it comes to skin tightening. You will feel it by yourself when you use it.

In India women have been using Phitkari for face skin tightening and lifting since ages before western world flooded Indian market with chemical packed plastic tubes aka cosmetics.

Men who use phitkari as aftershave gets their face tightened automatically.

Phitkari (Alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles
Use alum for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles

How to use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening and lifting

Wash your face but don’t’ dry it. Wet phitkari in cold water thoroughly and rub gently across skin. Leave it to dry as long as you can. Rub off the dry white powder when you are done. You can also gently rinse your face with water.

After few months of usage all your wrinkles will disappear and you will have a rejuvenated, shining, young and wrinkle free face. Your face will start becoming young again and you will look younger.

Alum is also used in anti aging products where it is the main ingredient. However I prefer to use it it’s raw and natural form and also recommend others to do the same.

How Frequently Can You Use Alum

I’ve been receiving a number of enquirers on how often one should use alum. My advice, based on my personal experience, is that use Alum as medicine to cure skin conditions.  If you are curing pimples then you can use it on daily basis. If you want to use it for face tightening & lifting then better use it on weekly basis.

Alum Makes Skin Dry

After using alum for few days you will quickly realize that it makes your skin very tight specially if you leave it for some time. It’s because alum sucks out all moisture out of skin leaving it dry. If you are feeling uncomfortable with dry skin then use coconut oil on regular basis as well. Coconut oil also helps keeping skin healthy and gives young look.

If you are in the UK then you can buy natural alum crystal from I always buy this one which you can also see in the image above. It’s naturally produced and comes in raw and unprocessed format.


260 responses to “Use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow at last I found something for removing wrinkles from my face. I was aware of alum and it’s healing properties but it never occurred to me that it can get rid of wrinkles as well. I’m going to give it a try.

    • JEANNIE says:

      I am 68 and I JJ ave sagging skin issues on face due to losins weight. I also have roscha and would like to know if alum could hurt my roscha face by using it.

      Thank u for any advice u can give me…
      Jeannie sent

      • Michele Stoneman says:

        I have rosacea and using Alum has actually helped a lot. It not only has tightened up wrinkles, it has shrinked pores and brightened my skin. I tan a lot, and its done me a lot of good. Just make sure not to get it on your eyes. And I also follow up with a moisturizer lotion made by C.booth. that you can find at drug store . com and it usually runs like $9. for a full liter bottle. Its all natural, and doesnt irritate my rosacea. My routine once a week is to steam my face with green tea, scrub with Burts Bees Rosemary Mint soap mixed with the alum, pat dry, and then moisturize. This also has worked for my sagging under arm skin.

    • Sherry Hopkins says:

      Where can i purchase phitkari

    • London says:

      I bought mine at Albertsons.

  2. Sulekha says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable home remedy. I’ve seen my mum using alum for treating her skin to give it a glow. The way she uses is little different that what you have described.

    I’m sharing my mums’ secret home remedy for making face look younger.

    Mix 1 tsp of alum powder with mashed banana and 1tsp of sugar. apply this paste on your face and over neck area. Leave it for 30 minutes or so and then and rinse with cold water. Use it daily and within weeks you will start to see the effect.

    • humaira says:

      i have oily skin is i used it??????? plzzzzzzz rply me any one i have acne

      • Ajay Singh says:

        You can use it on any skin if you have acne. Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned above and in comments.

        • Neeru Samant says:

          I have dark complexion and is dull and dry, can i use alum on regular basis?

          • Ajay Singh says:

            Phitkari can’t give you fair complexion. Nothing in this world can change the colour of your skin unless you go for plastic surgery and do a Michael Jackson. What’s wrong with natural colour of skin anyways? Come to UK and men will go crazy for dark skin πŸ˜‰
            For dullness and dryness try gentle oil massage every day. Use coconut oil. Don’t use phitkari for dry skin as it makes skin even drier. And yes don’t forget to throw away all your cosmetic crap.

          • Usman says:

            To make your skin a bit fairer try eating glutaione which is antioxident tablets can be found in pharmacy and in some foods aswell..but when you will stop eating that your real colour will start to come back

        • Pamela says:

          Can’t find phitkari! Only that block that is not 100% natural and was told not to but it. When I went on Amazon ,that’s the only one that kept coming up for me to buy . Do you have any suggestions ?

          • Ajay Singh says:

            I’m surprised you couldn’t find. Search for Alum or Alum crystal. I can see plenty of products on Amazon. Try this one

          • Parkash sahota says:

            Go to any Asian shop and you’ll get it from there, lot cheaper aswell good luck

      • Kalsoom says:

        My skin is oily acne prone from last 2 years and redness on my checks can I use pitkari paste complete night on my face?can it recover my redness or acne plz tell me I am so worried about it plz tell me the solution??????thanks

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Phitkari can’t change the colour of skin. You don’t need to apply paste and keep for long time. Use it moderately when required as keeping it too long make skin dry and it worsen the situation.

    • Sharon Gallimore says:

      Where do I get this particular alum or will any alum work?

      • Ajay Singh says:

        Alum is natural crystal and there are no variety to it. It’s extracted naturally. You can buy on Amazon or from your local Indian grocery store. I’ve given link at the top of this page. You can see the natural shape the photo above. It’s irregular shape. Just don’t buy any nicely shaped crystal as they are not pure and have chemicals in them.

        If you can’t find on Amazon or in Indian grocery store then try Arab or Asian grocery store. Just print that image above and show them.

        Even though there are many Indian grocery store here in London I buy on Amazon as these grocery stores don’t have natural crystal.

        • Robert Russell says:

          A common picking ingredient….look at the supermarket in spices or canning sections

        • Lynne says:

          Isn’t alum also available in grocery stores? If not in spices then maybe in an area that features pickling supplies?

          • Ajay Singh says:

            I doubt it will be available in normal stores. You can find it in Indian, Asian or Middle Eastern stores if you get lucky. Better buy it online on Amazon from the link above. Always buy natural alum. Even I buy online as my local Indian grocery store here in London, UK doesn’t have natural alum.

    • Wendy Kolbe says:

      That is the best advice i could have gotten , for a natural way….i will definately use the Alum with banana and suger, and use it as a mask for half an hour…

    • Geetha says:

      Hi Sulekha,

      Thanks for sharing the best way to use Alum, i tried the method you mentioned, it does wonders on skin, face is glowing natually all the time without any make up, and soft & supple. Girls, anyone wants to look younger at all age, use this home remedy, stop spending on cosmetics and parlours.


    • Gladys says:

      Suleika sorry I would like to know what kind of sugar your mother use please. And if I can replace with honey. Because my skin is bit delicate and if granulate sugar will be like exfoliating everyday .Thanks

  3. Gillian says:

    I use Phitkari on my face for wrinkles. It works well but can I moisturize afterwards or not or leave it on as is ?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      You can leave it for few hours or at least an hour if you are not in hurry. You can moisturize it after rinsing the face. For best result apply Phitkari in the night before sleep and leave it for the rest of night. There is no harm in leaving it longer once or twice a week.

  4. Ayesha says:

    Can I use Phitkari powder instead of alum crystal for treating wrinkles? Would it have same effect?

    • ayesha says:

      your A S S Will b Blooming If yOU Crushed Alum and used it for eyes crinkle.. email me i will guide you what to do for ur eye crinkle.. hope for the best

      • Shaikh abu says:

        I use to sit in front of monitor for more then 6 hours a day, due to i got black shades around my eyes, also have to out on sun and my face skin get more darken….. can alum will help me ?
        need your suggestion
        Thank you

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Sitting in front of monitor doesn’t darken eye. I’ve been sitting in front of monitor for over 20 years and on average 10 hours a day and 7 days a week non stop. No sign of shades.

          You have to change your life style and eating habits. Healthy eating and regular exercise will help.

          The worst affected people are coders like me who have to constantly stare at monitor during coding marathon and it makes eyes red at the end of day not to mention you will have burning sensation in eyes. I used to have all these before I discovered below mentioned.

          Eye care
          – Give a break during monitor staring after every 10 minutes or so.
          – Avoid staring at monitor during typing. Look at the keyboard during typing and make it habit.
          – Take a break every 20 minutes and stretch.
          – Make sure that you have enough light in the room where you sit and stare at monitor.
          – Every hour or so or when you feel burning sensation in eyes take a break and splash eyes with cold water few times. This is best way to keep eyes healthy.
          – Massage your eyes gently from the bottom of your palm.

          – Drink water after every 30 minutes. Nothing to do with eyes but it keeps your body well watered.

      • sandra says:

        can you tell me how alum works for your eyes?

      • Kelley says:

        How do you use it for the eyes?

      • gul says:

        Hi aysha plz guid me for eye crinkle

      • Swikritee says:

        Can I use the alum powder instead of the crystal

      • Hoda says:

        How can i use alum on my face, eyes, neck, and body??

  5. cathy says:

    Will it also work to tighten skin on abs?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      In theory Phitkari works in tightening all kind of skin including the most sensitive one πŸ˜‰
      Abs skin is not so soft and there is a large area to apply alum so it might not be too effective in tightening. However if you are interested then give it a try. Apply it regularly and see how it comes.

      • ajeet kumar says:

        Sir its true it effect?
        No side effect can u tell me…. and if may try this for week ?

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Phitkari doesn’t have any side effects. This doesn’t mean that you should start taking bath in it. Use when required and when you need to use. It’s miraculous crystal which cures most common skin problems. Keep it always one at your home.

  6. Daanish Saeed says:

    I am about to start using alum for my wrinkles, what I would like to know is it better to apply in morning or at night and is it safe to apply and leave all night, then wash off in the morning?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Best time to apply is after shave and leave it as long as you can. Shave once a week when you are at home (e.g. Sunday), apply Phitkari as aftershave on face and gently rub it all over face, neck, around eyes (to remove wrinkles around eyes), around nose and forehead 2-3 times. Leave it as such without drying or touching with towel.
      If this doesn’t suit you then you can apply after shower or washing face gently in the night.

      • Dua says:

        sir my skin is very sensitive I used alots of creams to last year .now my skin have acne and white dots on my forehead.I am worried about that plz can you give me advise?what I do plz

        • Ajay Singh says:

          First of all stop using any cream at all they are not going to help and they will make matter worse. Start Using phitkari on regular basis as I’ve explained in my post and in comments above. Eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and exercise daily. It will take some time but once you get into above routine all your acne will be gone forever.

  7. abhay says:

    How many times alum n banana mixture can be applie in a week

  8. nita says:

    does this help with puffy eye too? or bags under the eyes

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes it certainly helps. apply Phitkari gently under the eyes and around eyes, on the top of eyelid and surrounding areas. If will tighten the puffy and baggy eyes. I do it on weekly basis and I’ve no puffs under eyes at all.

  9. Christy says:

    Can i use alum for breast upliftment?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Applying alum on breasts can’t uplift a lot. All alum does is that it tightens the skin wherever you apply it regularly. I expect that regular application of alum on breasts can keep them tight and avoid loose skins. It can stop breasts becoming shaggy & loose but it can’t reverse if damage is already done.

      Alum can’t reverse the flow of nature all it can do is to prevent conditions getting worse.

      So to answer your question alum can’t uplift the breasts but it can keep breast skin tight and stops breasts becoming loose and shaggy.

  10. Ria ali says:

    Why ppl heat the alum n then it becomes fluffy n easy to grind…. If we want to
    Use the powder then which is the good form to make powder…. Heated one
    Or crystalline …. Is there any difference in their properties..

  11. Ria ali says:

    I want to use it around the eyes as I have crow’s feet kinda prob and for
    Open pores…pls tell me how much alum(crystalline or powdered…. After
    Heating or without heating) in how many mls of water should b enough
    For this purpose….

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Our normal skin is elastic and it loses this property with age. It’s natural process. Crow’s feet problem is due to skin losing it’s elasticity.
      I’ve never used Alumn in powder form or heated it. I always use Alum in crystal form – the one you see in image above.
      I would advice to using crystal. Gently rub crystal around eyes after washing face. Apply few layers gently around eyes and leave it as long as you can. As I’ve said before I always do so after my weekly shave and it keeps my skin wrinkle free and gives young look.

      There are other few habits you can resort to. First start drinking water if you are not already doing so. Next is massaging face with oil. I use coconut oil on daily basis it keeps skin moisturized in cold London weather. It’s almost odorless you don’t feel it. Try massaging face with pure coconut oil once or twice a week. Oil massage is magical. We Indians have nice skin thanks to the oil massage we received from mums when we were babies. You are in UAE so oil massage might be little inconvenient due to hot and humid weather but you can still give it a try.

      The best oil for massage is “sarson ka tel” (mustard oil) but it’s too thick, sticky and smelly. While growing up in India I always used mustard oil and may be that’s the reason why I still have wonderful skin which keeps me looking younger. I’m touching 40 and people still think I’m a student.

      I think coconut might be better for skin than mustard oil and the reason for my logic is obvious. We use mustard oil in North India for cooking, body massage and as hair oil and many other purposes. In South India they use coconut oil for the same purposes. We all know South Indians have better skin than North Indians and I attribute it to coconut oil among other things. South Indians also have much better hair which can again attributed to heavy usage of coconut oil.

      Try gently massaging face with coconut oil, specially around eyes. Keep it as long as you can. I normally do in evening time and leave it for the rest of night. If you see good result then make it a habit. There is no harm in oil massage except that it might be smelly little bit but remember that the best things in life don’t come without a string attached.

      So to sum up, water, oil and alum, in that order, could be your cure.

      • Ria ali says:

        Thank you soo much Ajay for such a detailed reply Infact help….
        Pls one more thing I wanna clear that if alum tightens the skin … It means
        It can dry the skin too…… If it is sooooo then dryness can cause
        More wrinkles n lines…. What you say…..
        I always keep in mind to drink lots n lots of water n upto some extent
        Um doing it too…. N as far as oil is concerned what u think about Argan oil
        Is it gud to massage with……pls tell me about some good Argan oil too

        • Ajay Singh says:

          No it doesn’t dry skin. You might feel dryness after applying alum and leaving it for sometime. It’s normal but it doesn’t make skin dry. I stopped using winter cream since I’ve been using alum. My facial skin doesn’t feel dry at all. So as per my personal experience it doesn’t dry skin at all. If you feel dryness after applying alum then try not to pay any attention to it.

        • Erin says:

          Hi there! This reply
          Might have come in late but if you are still interested, Argan Oil in its true undiluted and authentic form is amazing! Believe me coz I have tried it myself. My whole family uses it and a lot of people whom I have recommended it to! Helps with dryness, oily skin, pimple-prone skin, acne-infested skin and a really wide range of hair, skin, lip and nail problems! In Morocco, they have long used Argan oil to massage babies as a natural insect repellant. They massuage pregnant women with it to prevent stretch marks. They massage it on old people to treat rheumatoid arthritis and is also used for normal massaging purposes as well! It will really perform magic on your skin. The only thing is, Argan Oil seeps into your skin right away so it will end up like “dry massage” or massage without oil. Real Argan oil disappears into your skin and acts on the cellular level to work its magic!!! I used to have a really bad case of crow’s feet and rigt now? They are gone! Thanks to real Argan Oil. Beware, there is a looooot of fake and diluted ones!

          • Zee says:

            Helo,ajay I can use any normal patkri for face. My skin is very dry and now my face skin become you think its work especelly under the eys.

          • Ajay Singh says:

            Yes try it once a week, it will tighten skin. It will also take care of loose skin under eyes. Since your skin is dry it’s not recommended to use it more frequently. You can also try oil massage. Oil also helps skin in keeping it young. Use cold water for washing face once once or twice in a day. Splash water around eyes few times during face wash.

            When you apply phitkari on face make sure not to keep it for too long. May be 2-3 hours max. If you feel too dry then you can reduce it to 1 hrs max.

            Another option is to workout and sweat. Sweat drains out all the impurities from skin.

      • Mrityunjoy says:

        Does alum help in reducing dark spots created by pimples or acnes??

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Unfortunately no. Spots will go away as you grow up so stop worrying about these things. It’s part of life and pain of growing up.

      • VALERIE THOMPSON says:

        I have enjoyed reading all of your responses. This us off topic, I apologize. I am Native American and my hair is SO SO dry!! Do you think mustard oil would help? Nothing here in US can touch it. Thank you.

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Yes mustard oil is best for hairs. Regular usage of mustard oil enriches hair and keep scalp dandruff free. It’s multipurpose oil. We use this oil for all sort of things from cooking to massage to hair care. The only problem with this oil is that it has strong smell which may not be pleasant. The alternative to mustard oil for hair care is coconut oil which I use regularly. Buy only natural coconut oil.

  12. Sushma says:

    I am from Mumbai. I would like to know if alum can be used in the night daily or should be used once a week only. I heard that it can be used to heal a wound, by rubbing on the wound and can also be used as a Colour fix for new colour clothing. Thx

    • Ajay Singh says:

      It depends on for what purpose you are using. I would advise to using Alum only when it’s required. Yes it can be used to heal most of minor wounds, bleeding, skin irritations etc. I’m not sure about colour fix for new clothes. All I know is that Alum is used in dry cleaning in one way or another.

  13. Geeta says:


    I would like to know if i can use alum for post pregnancy stretch marks, will it cure those stretch marks to bring normal skin look??

    Pls. advise.


    • Ajay Singh says:

      I don’t think usage of alum will get rid of post pregnancy stretch marks. Alum can’t change skin colour. All it can do is to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.

      • Richa says:

        Hello Sir can we use alum for belly wrinkles?

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Yes, you can use it for belly wrinkles. It will tighten the belly skin and bring it into nice firm shape. Please note that using alum on skin also causes skin to become dry so if you may have to counter it with oil massage. Use in moderation and keep watching for any adverse affect. I don’t think there will be any adverse affect apart from skin dryness nevertheless I always advice to keep an eye on affect.

  14. shruti says:

    Just want to ask how often alum can be used for face tightening?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Two times a week should be sufficient. I wouldn’t recommend using it daily though. I use it once a week after shaving and I’m done for the week. Start with once a week and continue for few months. If you don’t see any difference then apply twice a week. The important thing to remember is to keep it as long as possible after applying. If you wash your face immediately after applying alum then it’s not going to help. I apply alum every Sunday morning after shave and leave it till late evening without washing face. My face keep glowing for a week and I’ve no wrinkle worries at all. As I said earlier, thanks to Phitkari I stopped using winter cream even in this dry & chilly London winter.

      However alum alone wouldn’t be sufficient. You have to take care of your health in general. Drink a lot of water, get enough sleep. Do some yoga and pranayam. Eat fruits and vegetables, cut down on processed/packaged food and avoid meat as much as possible. Cook your own food.

      I, personally, eat a lot of healthy food. I make sure that I have variety of food to ensure I get all nutrients. I cook Indian (less masala) in weekends by including all those exotic Indian spices & herbs which ensures that I’m well protected from any common diseases. I do not smoke, don’t drink and have no other bad habits.

      I haven’t been sick, not even a common cold/flu, in past 10 years. I’ve never visited a doctor and even I don’t know who my GP is. It might sound impossible but it’s true and I’m living example.

      Go back to Ayurveda, our ancestors have already found the mystery of living healthy and living long. Don’t use any cosmetic products. I’m sure you can find natural replacements for all your makeup needs. If in doubt ask neighbor aunties and grandmas they know it all.

  15. Raj says:

    I have pigmentation on my face. Can alum be used for face pigmentation? How and how long. Daily or in intervals? please help.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      I haven’t heard of alum curing pigmentation. AFAIK alum can not change skin color.

      You can try various other home remedies which uses haldi (turmeric), orange peel & potato, aloe vera, cucumber etc. Just Google “Pigmentation home remedy” and you will find a lot of suggestions. First you have to identify what type of pigmentation you have and then search for home remedies accordingly.

      Avoid medicines and chemical products.

  16. Ronica says:

    Hi Ajay,

    I just wanted to thank you for this information. My neck and face are beginning to sag, and although I eat right and exercise it’s time for something stronger, and I think this is it. I’m ordering today and will try over the next month and provide an update. Thanks again:)

  17. Margaret Mather says:

    Hi interesting reading, I was looking to see if alum stone was used for ulsers in the mouth. Years ago an old lady gave me one to suck for an ulcerated mouth she said keep it in as long as possible I thought ok no problem but wow only seconds was I able to hold it in my mouth . She wouldn’t give me it, and years later I’m getting lots of ullsers in my mouth would you recommend? And Whitchurch one please. Thank you. Margaret

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes totally. Alum (Phitkari) is excellent cure for mouth ulcers. However I’m not sure you should be sucking alum crystal for that. You need alum powder instead. Take pinch of pure alum crystal powder and put it around ulcer affected area and keep it as long as you can. spit it out when your nerve gives up and don’t gargle with water. Let alum powder remain inside mouth as long as you can. If required you can keep spiting out whenever you feel to. Remember the best cure in nature are sour.

      You can buy pure alum powder from Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

  18. Charan says:


    I am using fitkari regularly basis . My skin is too much oily. Should I continued & best way to use this for acne & fair complexion. plz suggest.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Phitkari (alum) can keep acne in control even in teenagers unless it is a severe skin condition. If you are shaving then use phitkari as aftershave. If not shaving then apply alumn after washing face in night and leave it overnight.

      Phitkari doesn’t help in getting fair complexion. No cosmetic can help you in getting fair complexion. What is wrong with your natural skin colour? Why you Indians are so obsessed with getting fair complexion?

      • Charan says:

        thanks Ajay for valuable knowledge….

        As I asked you earlier should use it on regular basis (Daily) …. ..!

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Yes you can use it daily as long as acne keep appearing. If it starts getting cured then use less frequent. Apply after cleaning out puss. It might be painful to squeeze out puss but that’s the way. Make sure to clean towel after use. With regular use oily skin will be also cured. Don’t use any cosmetic or any cream at all. India is polluted like hell, keep washing face by splashing cold water during the day when you come back from outside. Not to mention and you might be already doing it but always take shower/bath with cold water. Cold water keeps skin young. Drink as much water as you can, drink little warm water and avoid drinking cold water. Our body is warm so you should drink little warm water. Eat less spicy food. Exercise regularly but not pumping iron in gym. If you feel too lazy then do Surya Namaskar at least, this is the best and simplest yoga you can do easily without much pain.

      • Shirley says:

        I am 79 y.u. I have few aches and pains, but hey I am old. What I want to know being this old would the alum help with the wrinkles. and why do you say “leave it on as long as you can” Does it burn? or what?
        I know once a week is what you say use it. and then rinse it, and apply coconut oil to combat the dryness.
        am I getting this right. AND the alum they sell in the grocery store, can you use this kind????? thanks bunches

        • Ajay Singh says:

          If you use it regularly then it will certainly help up to certain extent. We can’t reverse mother nature’s one way flow can we? It doesn’t burn when you leave it too long but it dries skin a lot. I mentioned coconut oil in case you feel dryness on skin after using alum. Coconut oil is the best oil as it doesn’t stink, it’s not too sticky and it has got all the goodness of an oil. Ditch moisturising cream and use coconut oil, it’s dirt cheap and nature’s best gift to humanity. Applying oil on skin keeps skin young. Oil has some sort of age defying properties at least for outer (skin) appearance.

  19. Charan says:

    Thanks really appreciating to you…!

  20. Saba Raheem says:

    How to use Phitkari ??? For face or breast tightening ??

    Will This Help For Vaginal Hole Tightening ???

    • Ajay Singh says:

      The best time to apply Phitkari is after taking shower/bath specially in night.

      For Face
      Wash the face with cold water but don’t dry. Need not to mention you should clean all the cosmetic and chemicals you girls apply on your face. Wash Phitkari crystal and rub gently all over the face 4-5 times. Don’t wash or dry the face afterwards just leave it as such.

      For Breasts
      Do the same, after night shower/bath wash breasts again with cold water and rub phitkari gently all over the breasts. Don’t dry breasts with towel or wash with water just leave it as such.

      How to use Phitkari for Vagina Tightening
      I just didn’t want to write this thing straight forward, blame it to my Indian upbringing. Since you have asked it straight forward I would reply in same manner.

      This is no secret that women in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (entire Indian sub continent) have been using Phitkari for tightening vagina. It works in same way as it does for face or any other skin.

      Wash vagina and rub phitkari gently 4-5 times around it. I don’t need to do graphic but you know better how to apply πŸ˜‰ just use your instinct. Don’t take it too deep inside but keep it on the outer skin and little bit of inside. Don’t wash afterwards or dry it with towel. Leave it as long as you can.

      There is another benefit of applying alum on vagina, it kills all bacteria, fungus etc.

      Make sure to use the smoother side of phitkari as it can be rough on edges. After few usage you will end up with a smoother side.

  21. Nakul goyal says:

    Hi,i am 16 year old boy . I use shaving machine once in a month.Hairs are appearing near my nose and also down my eyes on my cheeks as my complexion is looking dark and the hairs also look like pimples on my cheeks .so i just wanted to ask will alum is good for me .it has side effects or not ? And can i use it as my age is only 16.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes you can use alum whenever you feel need for it.

      • Nakul goyal says:

        Thnx for the reply but my question is that using alum at the age of 16 will affect my skin or not ??

        • Ajay Singh says:

          The earlier you start using alum on regular basis the longer you will remain young. I wish someone had told me that when I was at your age. You can use without any worries it’s all good for your skin. Alum can be used at any age.

          “Alum does not have any side effect on skin at all” if used in moderation of course.

  22. mpume says:

    I m currently having big pores. Can I use alum to tighten them? Can I use it every day? Can I use it when during the day

    • Ajay Singh says:

      I don’t think you can cure pores with Alum. You need to moisturize your skin properly to cure pores. Use coconut oil regularly and keep skin dry and avoid too much using water. My fingers have pores as I was my hands a lot and also do all the dishes, washing etc. To cure pores I use coconut oil.

    • Erin says:

      Hey there!!! Big pores on your face can be minimized by Argan Oil. ^_^ just make sure you get the real undiluted one and you are great to go! Seen the magic of Argan cure a lot of my friends (including my Mom’s) big pores!!! You just might love me forever for suggesting that! ^_^

  23. Erin says:

    Hello Ajay Singh!!! Very informative and interesting read!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing the information! Because of you, I now know to use My Alum powder asides being my natural deodorant!!!! ^_^ Works like a charm as a deo! Cannot wait to try all these!!! ^_^ Will it help pimples in any way at all? You see, I am an Argan Oil advocate but I believe in all-natural treatments! I was hoping to gain more insight on whether it does anything for pimples or acne from you.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Pimples are the reason I ended up setting up this website and spreading the alum love. Alum are the best cure for common pimples and shaving irritations. It’s better to prevent pimples rather than curing them afterwards.

      Tx for sharing Argan oil, I haven’t tried them and to be honest I never heard of them before. A quick Google search demystified it. I think Argan oil is same for Moroccans as Sesame and Coconut oil is for us Indians.

    • lina says:

      Where in brisbane.Australia can I buy alum??

      • Ajay Singh says:

        Look for Indian grocery stores and ask them for “Phitkari” crystal. They normally keep it behind the counter. Buy only natural crystal.

  24. priya says:

    Hi.just wanna ask can we use alum powder in face pack ?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      You should not mix alum/alum powder with anything. Mixing alum powder in face pack is not going to help you in anyways as alum must always be directly applied to skin. Just use alum crystal and rub gently on your face 3-4 times and leave it as long as you can. It’s simple no fuss usage and keeps skin young and wrinkle free.

  25. Dua says:

    sir meri skin bht zyada fair thi har dam shining krti hoi …..but meri ghalti k mene aik saal phle goldenpearl use ki thi aur b bht sari creams use ki thi jis ki waja se mere face pe acne pimples nikal aye ha Jo ksi tarha thek ni ho the manbht pareshan hun aur chahti hun k mera apna skin colour ho jaye …..
    kya aap meri help or skte ha ma pithkari(alum) use or skti hun????????
    plz reply kreyega
    Thank you

    • Ajay Singh says:

      sabse pahle cream use karna ekdam band kar do. phitkari crystal ko apply karo face wash karke night time me, subah wash ker lo face ko cold water se. din me jab bhi awasar mile to face ko cold water se splash karke wash kar lo. daily apply karo kuch dino me apne aap thik ho jayega.

      • Dua says:

        sir ab to mene cream use krni chor di ha but face kala ho gya ha kya Karun??

        • Ajay Singh says:

          chinta mat karo yeh natural process hai life ka. sabko hota hai acne jawani me. time ke saath yeh sab gayab ho jayega aur aapka chehra fir se chand jaisa chamakne lagega. phitkari use karte rahiye.

  26. Dua says:

    G bht shukria aap ka khush rahen……
    but ma to 26years ki hun….:-(

  27. suchita says:

    sir mujhe aapse puchna tha ki mujhe kaafi samay se vaginal infection chal raha hai. delievery ko 7saal ho gye hain mera opaeration hua tha.par abhi tak infection theek nhi ho raha kafi medicienes li hain par itna farak nhi lga. actully mujhe vaginal infection hai jisse during sex pain hoti hai.aurfungus hai ,smell bhi aati hai.abdomen mein swalling theek nhi ho raha.

    mujhe btaiye ki agar main alum use karti hoon toh powder insert karna hoga kya kyunki crystal kaise use hoga.pls mujhe apni yeh infection theek karna hai.pls suggest mekitni baar isko use kar sakte hain. jisse meri infection theek ho jaaye..

    • Ajay Singh says:

      yaar 7 saal tak bina kuch kiye suffer karti rahi? Doctor ko to dikha dena chahiye tha kam se kam. Agar fungus infection confirm hai to Phitkari (alum) kaam karega. Alum powder ko pani me dissolve karke isko vaginal douche ki terah use kariye. Raat ko sone se pahle use kariye. Ek hafte ke andar gayab ho jayega infection. Lekin docotor ko dikhana mat bhuliye, kuch aur bhi ho sakta hai.

  28. suchita says:

    aisa nhi hai sir main karti hoon precaution le kar hsbnd ke pain ful hota .dctr ne bola tha pap test ke liye.phir bola pehle infection theek karlo uske baad test hoga.actully mujhe abdomen mein swalling hai shayad toh pain bhi hoti rehti hai.isliye aapse pucha alum ke baare mein.thanks for advising me.

  29. saba says:

    Hello sir .. i am 23 years old and i dont have any hormones problem still m having thick black hair near my cheeks n chin kindly help me out please

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Mix alum powder with rose water or just water and make paste. Apply this paste over cheeks n chin area where you have hairs. Leave the paste as long as you can without washing or rubbing off. Better do it in night time before going to bed and after taking shower/bath.

  30. saba says:

    Will it help ? can i add flour (maida):in this mixture ?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Not sure why you want to add maida. I don’t think it will help. Phitkari should be always applied directly to the skin without any added ingredients. Yes you can apply it on daily basis.

  31. saba says:

    And do i have to apply this mixture on daily basis ?

  32. Ritesh Mishra says:

    Hi, is it fine to use alum before going to bed at night, daily? Is it having any harmful effect for daily use?

  33. sim says:

    Hey , am 24 yr old I have so pimples n scars on my face n on my shoulders … all treatment n medicine use for pimples but no effect plz tell me I do ???

  34. neeraj says:

    Hello sir,m 21 years old.i am having dry skin so is it okey to use alum on dry skin type ? and if it is then how much time should i leave applied alum on my face ??and can i use the coconut oil after rinsing the face for mosturising ??or shud i use any mosturiser or argan oil..??plz suggest me…!!!

    • Ajay Singh says:

      I’m not sure what do you want to use Alum for? Do you want to cure pimples or want to rejuvenate skins?

      • neeraj says:

        Sir..i dont have pimples on my face..but my face skin looks so dull…i want to make it glow…or i can say that i want to rejuvenaye how can i use alum for this purpose ??plz suggest..

        • Ajay Singh says:

          No. Alum doesn’t give you glow. It’s not cosmetic. You have to change your lifestyle to get facial glow.

          Firstly start drinking water, a lot of it. Don’t drink water before and after meals. Drink as much as you can in the morning and keep drinking throughout the day.

          Next is to start doing Yoga. Do the proper one directly from the books not the Ramdev’s shit. Start with Surya Namaskar and do it properly in the morning. Then do sports and sweat a lot. Sweating purges all toxic from the body.

          Get proper sleep in the night. Sleep like dead. If you have trouble in sleeping then repeat Gayatri Mantra and keep it repeating till you go into deep sleep. Do nothing if something disturbs but just repeat it. If you can’t remember Gayatri Mantra then repeat Upnishad’s mahavakya
          “Aham Brahasmi”
          “Brahm Satyam Jagan Mitha, Jeevo Brhmave Naparh”
          “Aham Asmi”

          Any of these will work and will get you good night sleep. Even though they are meant for something else but works perfectly well for me for getting a nice sleep every night since I discovered this secret.

          Avoid eating spicy food. Get into satvic food. Eat fruits, drink juice.

          Do oil massage with mustard oil or coconut oil. Massage face as well with coconut oil. Mustard oil is thick and uncomfortable so coconut oil is good alternative.

          Keep washing face with cold water, wash in the morning after wakeup. Wash in the night before going to bed. During day time wash it everytime you come back home.

          If you are shaving then do it less frequent. Throw away all cosmetic including aftershave.

          Etc etc.. list is long. Alum is not cure but a change in lifestyle is.

          Good luck!

  35. Noor says:

    How can i use it in liquid form?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Dissolve it in water and use.

      • Noor says:

        How can i dissolve its crystal? Can i boil the water for dissolving and then cool it and apply on my face?

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Wash face with cold water, wash crystal and rub gently on face – cheeks, over nose, under and around eyes, chin, forehead and neck. Avoid sharp edges. If it’s new crystal then rub in in your hands to make it smoother. Crystal has to be applied directly on the skin to get maximum benefit.

          I’m not sure why you insist on using it in liquid format which is no good for facial skin.

          • Noor says:

            I thought if i use it in solid form it cant be applied properly. Anyways thankyou πŸ™‚

          • priya singh says:

            Sir mere face pr acne n scars h n me 1month se alum use Kr rai Hu pr much khas furk nai h….. Or me alum night me use krti Hu meri mix skin h subh thoda dry Ho jata h to kya me patanjali alowera use Kr Sakti Hu… Or face wash din me ek bar…. Plzz reply

  36. MrsUsman says:

    Hello Ajay i used phitkari on my face last night and my eyelashes have come off in the morning πŸ™ i had long lush eyelashes theyre shortened n half removed cos my whole face was wet and i brushed it off my eyelashes only todind out theyre gone πŸ™ well what can happen now my only question is will they grow back to normal again or is it permament im v upset

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Lol it’s not a chemical which can wash your eyelashes. Why did you apply it over eyelashes? I apply it around eyes over eyelids and may be it also touches eyelashes but never had any issues with hair falling off anywhere. If you have any reaction with phitkari then stop using them or if it affects hairs then only apply on skin and not near any hairs.

      All hairs grow naturally so eyelashes will also grow eventually.

  37. Mhaii says:

    How about using phitkari in taking a bath..? just a piece of phitkari crystal in the water and I leave it a while and later I’m going to use it to wash my hole body. .is it OK or safe to use it?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      If you have any skin condition then yes you can use that. If you have no reason to use then you should better avoid it.

      • S says:

        Hi Ajay. Appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to this forum.
        Would you by any chance know if phitkari is any good for scalp psoriasis and how it can be applied on the affected area.
        Many thanks

        • Ajay Singh says:

          I’m not sure if phitkari will help to cure scalp psoriasis. If you google for “scalp psoriasis cure” you will find various other home remedies.

          It will not harm you to give phitkari a try though. If it helps then great otherwise you can stop it after sometime.

  38. raju kumat says:

    Dear sir maam…i m wrking in entertainment industry.i need to look young ,smart,decent.but there are some wrinkles.on my both eyes..some time i feel little uncomfortable.sinse two days i have been strat using alum…its not powder or paste.its hard like stone but in packet this is in shape.i use it after face wash with pears facewash.then i use alum 1-2 mints on my face before i go to this is good direction to use or i need to do some more activty.?? Kindly let me know….thanks.

    Best regards

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Don’t use packaged/shaped alum they might be fake. Use natural one which will be in irregular shape as you can see in the image at the top of this page.

      Do oil massage with mustard or coconut oil at least once a week on whole body including face. Oil is the best preservative not only for food but for body as well.

      I’ve given rest of tips above which you can follow.

  39. mamta says:

    hlo sir
    i have deep sunken eyes…plz suggest the treatment. i heard about fillers to treat with it .. but i dont want do that…is any other homemade treatment to cure sunken eyes.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      It’s to do with overall health. Follow the tips I’ve written above.

      • mamta says:

        i m taking healthy n rich diet n also doing oil massage except this i just want to know that will “alum work on sunken eyes”.. if yes…. can i use it daily until it cures

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Phitkari tightens the skin and protects skin from all sort of infection. Oil keep skin young and nourished. You can try phitkari once a week it can tighten the skin and see if it helps.

          • mamta says:

            hmmm….you r not sure that it will work r not for sunken …anyways thanku so much . i will do the same as u have suggested …& if it cures.. i vl definitely tell you. so that u can suggest it to others without any confusion πŸ™‚

  40. Murtaza Khandwawala says:

    Is phitkari(alum) useful to control sweating???Is it useful to improve body odour?Plz help and guide me how to use it

  41. Murtaza Khandwawala says:

    Im 20 years old and i sweat almost 2-3 times in a day than a normal person…so it is useful to use alum as antiperspirant?Is is useful to control sweating?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Phitkari is the best deodorant and antiperspirant. So yes you can use it. Sweating is normal. We Indians have loads of sweating glands underneath our skin so we have to sweat. Sweating is good it cleanse your body. Make sure to shave under arms which is the worst place to sweat.

  42. bobby says:

    hello sir,
    i read all above mentioned remedies bt my problem is is due to weight loss my facial skin got sagged and i hv got under eye bags and lost skin glow and shine although my is dry in winters and t-zone oily in summer and i have bit of acne and scars too so could you pls suggest me what to do for eye bags ,saggy skin and for skin glow

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Use Phitkari crystal and gently rub it around eyes few times and let it dry. Splash wash it after some time. You can do it daily after taking shower.

      For acne scar use honey and lemon paste and apply. You can also use haldi (turmeric) paste and apply. Another remedy for removing acne scar is using banana peels (inside) and rubbing over scar gently.

  43. bobby says:

    and im from delhi india

  44. bobby says:

    as my age is 32 and i had very glowing and shiny skin befre my weight loss can u advise something for my skin glow

  45. Moin Noori says:

    What are advantages and disadvantages of use of phitkari for tightening woman vagina ?

  46. Puja says:

    hey,i want to use alum for my upper lips.i heard it is a good bleaching agent.
    how do i use it??

  47. Sumit says:

    sir, mere face pe acne h from many days cause of them my face looking damaged on chicks and acne abhi b ho jate h.. can I use alum iska koi side effect to nhi hoga na sir…. plzz help I m vry depressed….

  48. Abz says:

    How often should I use alum for tightening the vagina? Everyday or how many times a week? Thanks.

  49. Vinod says:

    I am suffering from acute insomnia, my yoga teacher suggested to keep phitkari below pillow while sleeping does it helps any idea?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      WTF dude. Shoot your bloody yoga teacher. How does a stone will help you in sleeping? Seek help of professional doctors. Find out what is causing you sleepless nights.

      I would suggest doing physical hard work during the day time. Do sports, run, walk, or do something to exhaust yourself physically. 100% sleep guaranteed in night. If you are one of those modern day dudes who spent whole time sitting in front of a PC or fiddling with phone then this remedy will surely work. If it has to do with emotional or mental issues then just throw them out from your mind. Physical hard work will also get rid of mental issues. Unless it is something else my above mantra will work.

      And yes if you can’t shoot your yoga teacher then slap him hard, one from my side as added bonus.

      • Talika says:


        This is slightly off the subject (smile), but where are the best places to meet single Indian men? And do Indian men tend to like Black/African American women, in your experience? I live in the United States and I’m a fan of alum…but I’m also a fan of Indian men, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if you had any advice! πŸ˜‰

        • Ajay Singh says:

          lol πŸ™‚
          Don’t take it personally but Indian men prefer white skin. It’s hard to explain the reason but it’s deeply rooted into our genes. It’s funny though that you ask where to find Indian men, they are everywhere just wink and rope them in πŸ˜‰ Indian men are easiest fish to catch they are all waiting for you πŸ™‚

          Good luck!

  50. mish says:

    Hi,I’m 16 years old my face got saggy after weight loose because I was having chubby cheeks and also laugh lines around mouth.
    Can I use phitkari? My skin is also dry in nature

  51. mish says:

    Do it helps in face tightening ??
    Any side effects? Do it helps in removing laughlines that cause due to loose face skin

  52. kevin says:

    can alum be used to treat mucocelle on the lower lip as well

  53. kevin says:

    also how should i use it to treat mucocelle

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Apply alum crystal around area affected by mucocele and leave it as such for sometime. You can also use alum powder. Use Q tip to apply powder.

  54. Pooja says:

    Hello, google directed me to this site while I was searching for water purification by alum. Well after going through the article n reading the comments, I have a doubt I.e. due to rain n flooding at my place,the boring water supply is very dirty yellowish brown at my place. I was suggested to use a small piece of alum n put in a bucket n wait till the dirt settles down n use the filtered water. My question is whether the water will be clear n good enough to wash whole body and hair? Will the hair get affected by rinsing with that? Please reply!
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      It will help to clean water if it’s silty. Not sure what else you have in water there but you can give it a try. There is a YT video which might help you

      • priya singh says:

        Hello sir.. Mere face pr acne n scars h n me 1month se alum use Kr rai Hu pr kuch khas furk nai h….. Or me alum night me use krti Hu meri mix skin h subh thoda dry Ho jata h to kya me Patanjali Aloe Vera , ya kuch or use Kr Sakti Hu… Or face wash din me ek bar…. Plzz reply

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Acne aise nehi jayega. Agar teenager ho aap to yeh natural hei apne aap chala jayega. Daily use karne ki jarurat nehi hei. Weekly use karo. Jyada der tak mat ranhe do lagane ke baad, kuch ghanteke baad water splash se wash kar lo. Dry skin hei to natural oil/cream use karo. 100% pure coconut try karo. Jyada chedkhani mat karo acne se, yeh nasty hota hei. Yeh natural heio aur apne aap chala jayega. Baaki lifestyle pe bhi depend karta hei. Active lifestyle adopt kar lo.

  55. Shivam Anand says:

    Can phitkari help me prevent my pimples or acne. I am tired of these pimples and really feel distressed.

  56. naina says:

    Hey,i read that alum can be used for removing hair .how often we should use it to hair removal. one more question what if i apply it on face for will it reduce my volume of eyebrows

    • Ajay Singh says:

      As I’ve replied to someone above Phitkari doesn’t help you in hair removal. If it was any good in removing hair or stopping hair growth then by this time I wouldn’t have to shave every week. Eyebrows are sexy, keep them as such. In west women die to have such eyebrows.

  57. Mujeeb says:

    Dear bro I want to ask u that can I apply alum on my lips to make them thinner. Would it help

  58. tushar says:

    I want to use use alum for my face.. but after searching on net.. I found that alum also helps for hair removal… so plz u can tell me that by using alum in my face does alum effect my beard n mustache or not?

  59. Kanchan says:

    Hello sir,,, aft delivery my breast is being shaggy n loose,,,I wnts to reduce my size,,.hw can I use alum for it?? and also tell me hw cn I use alum for tightning my vegina???

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Take largest size phitkari crystal available and rub it around your breasts, do it regularly. Try it for a year and see if it helps. If it does then continue, if not then stop it. No harm in trying though. Phitkari dries the area where you apply so you might need to moisturize your breasts from time to time. Same with vagina, rub it around the outer area on regular basis and try it for 1 year or so to see the effect. Again you have to take care of dryness. Use in moderation as excessive usage will not do any more good.

  60. sonika says:

    Hello sir, Kya alum (fitkari) tighen vagina walls?? Aur kitna time use krna pdega….I mean how long time…

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes tight karega, use twice weekly. Don’t keep it for too long as it dries skin. If it gets too dry then use less frequent – once a week. Use coconut oil or sesame oil to moisturize if it’s too dry.

  61. terri cornell says:

    yes when i click on amazon say’s can’t buy in united states. please where can i order this stuff thanks

  62. gayathri says:

    Am having facial hair in my face shall i use alum

  63. Umaima says:

    Sir mera masla ye ha k mera face black ho rha ha ma ni chahti k black ho fair tha aur fair hinrakhna chahti hun
    Mera sawal ye ha k kya phitkari k sath bara face chota hota ha ??????
    Plz mashwara den ma phitkari use krna chahti hun

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Phitkari se gora ya kala kuch ni hota, lamba chota bhi nehi hota. Phitkari kewal skin tight kar sakta hei aur pimple ko cure karta hei.

  64. Umaima says:

    Sir mere skin PA kuch b raas ni ata sub kuch try kr k dekh chuki hun ulti aur skin khrab ho jati ha kya aap is bare ma koi mashwara de with ha plz sir

    • Ajay Singh says:

      mat lagawo koi cosmetic, cosmetic aur bhi kharab kar deti hei skin ko. Skin fair ni hogi chahe jo bhi karo lo. Jaise hei waise hi rehne do. phenk do sab cosmetic kuch ni hone wala cosmetic se. Dry skin hei to coconut oil use karo, baki sab natural hi rakho.

  65. Umaima says:

    G sir bht shukrya nature ma to meri skin fair ha
    Aap ko taklif dene k lye mazrat

  66. saba says:

    My brother used Alum on face for pimples. but he has many deep holes on his face. Please guide me or give any advice.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Please can u tell .. i have been using pithkari for last 3 4 days on face after bath
    And then at night i applied a cream for dark circles .. and one mask cucumber
    After applying that cream my eyes started burning and also there was itching under my eyes ..
    Can you please help me?

  68. Rahul says:

    Ajay sir,
    Main 18 saal ka hu.. mere chehre pe kuch dark spots hai (naak k paas and cheeks pe v kch.) So kya yeh Alum ispe kaam krta skta hai and vanish kr skta hai isko? Agar haan toh zara step bataiyega mujhe. Aur 1 baat mere face pe kuch gaddhe hogaye hai after pimple… so kya kuch krke use hataya ya kam kiya jaa skta hai sir.? Main aapke reply ka intzaar kr raha hu uske baad hi main kuch krunga. So mujhe help kr kripya krke. πŸ™‚

  69. mamta says:

    I have sum Hairs on my chin hw can I use fitkiri for it

  70. Kelley says:

    What do I mix alum with before putting it on my face.? Water or what

  71. Faryal says:

    Can you kindly tell me how can alum remove wrinkles? Kotni bar use kiya jahay or wouldn’t it dry the skin causing more wrinkles?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Use it in moderate. Phitkari tightens the skin to stop wrinkles. Don’t use too frequently as it will dry skin. If skin is dry then use oil to moisture it I use coconut oil. Even just using oil will keep skin healthy and wrinkle free.

      • Faryal says:

        Thank you so much Sir!
        In a way I’m really worried because I’m 17 and i already have forehead wrinkles and also on neck and chest and sometime nothing seems to work out

  72. Rani says:

    Hi Ajay

    U reply to comments very well. I would just like to know since my uncle is having glaucoma {pressure in the eyes} will Alum work to slow down the pressure in the eyes.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      I’m not a doctor or anything I just use common sense.

      Phitkari can’t cure Glaucoma. Phitkari only works with skin and can’t do anything which lies beneath skin. It can only work on the elements it comes into contact with such as skin and blood.

      Glaucoma is caused by weakening/damage of nerves connecting eyes to brain. How can Phitkari fix damaged internal nerves? Just think over it!!!

      Glaucoma can be cured by eye drops, laser treatment or surgery. A healthy lifestyle can prevent Glaucoma or an early detection can be treated easily.

      As far as my knowledge and common sense with phitkari is concerned phitkari will have no impact in curing Glaucoma at all.

  73. Ranju says:

    Hello sir
    I am 50 years old and I want to know I have wrinkles on my hands can alum remove my wrinkles if so how to use and how long time will it take


    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes it can but I don’t recommend using it for hands. Oil massage can be better. Just massage with oil regularly for long term benefit.

      • sunny says:

        good day to you

        , why can I not use it for my hands, as I read here you can use it for the wrinkles in my face?

        • Ajay Singh says:

          It’s not a cosmetic. Treat it as medicine and use only when required. It dries skin if used frequently. Use oil as alternative which works better than phitkari for rejuvenating skin.

  74. vasanthi says:

    Ajay ji tq for yr super tips

  75. Saityanaya Doley says:

    sir can you tell me how many times apply this phitkari ?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Apply as required. It’s very effective so you will see instant result for acne etc. If you are trying it for wrinkles then use once a week. If you feel skin getting too dry then decrease frequency.

  76. Manorama says:

    Hello my skin type is oily, acne porn, tanned and having black sports. Can I use alum daily on my face for my problem?

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes you can phitkari is best for acne but make sure to use it in moderation. If you feel skin is getting dry then use less frequently. Apply only to the affected places. Leave it for some time and then rinse. Don’t use daily.

  77. Chitra says:

    Hii Ajay Sir,

    I am 25 year old Indian Girl.
    Can i use Alum for my saggy arm tightening and saggy breast tightening? if yes, then when to apply? once in week or daily? should i apply with Alum powder with water or just rub with Alum? and how many days my skin stay tightened with this? Also i have stretch marks on my Alum will help in getting rid of this?
    Please please suggest me… πŸ™‚

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Ladies please, alum can fix only light skin. I don’t think it’s going to be any useful for heavy lifting. As I’ve said earlier many times use it only as medicine and not as cosmetic as it has side effects too of making skin dry which can do more harm than good. I don’t think it will help in improving saggy breasts. Go for plastic surgery instead.

  78. Prabh says:

    Hi sir ! I purchased red alum ..I don’t know if it works same as white alum for facial hair .Can u plz tell me about this??

  79. Prajna says:

    Dear Ajay Sir,
    I have an oily skin. Will the use of alum/phitkari make my skin drier? I am 33 years old and don’t want to lose the oily nature of my skin. Because if my skin becomes drier, wrinkles may appear faster and become more viaible. Please advice.
    Thank you and Regards.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes Phitakri does make skin drier. That’s why I’ve said use it only when required. I’m not sure for what reason do you want to use phitkari for?

  80. anil says:

    Sir , meri age 24 hai or muje pichla 3-4 sal sa pimple ho rha hai thik hi nai ho rha kya kru.sab try karka dakh chuka hu .can u give me best advise.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Shaving karne ke baad Phitkari apply karo. Jahan Jahan hei pimples wahan pani se saaf karke apply karo. Jais hi pimples aate hein waise hi apply karna suru karo. Mirch aur masala khana kam karo, panui khub piyo aur exercise karo.

  81. Subh says:

    Does It’s works on dark spots?????

  82. Colette Arenzana says:

    Can I use Alum day and night for treating acne? Do I have to use facial cleanser before applying Alum? and Should I use Moisturizer after?
    Thank you in advance. God bless!

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Yes you can use but you can’t just leave it for overnight or for long time. Keeping it for long time makes skin dry. Use it for few hours. Rinse it and then use moisturiser. You can use facial cleanser if you have something to clean otherwise just wash it with water

  83. Skand says:

    I have returned to wet shaving after almost 15 years. No more aerosol foams, Gillette Mach 3 razors or expensive aftershave. Just a bristle brush, shaving cream, cheap safety razors/handle and good old phitkari to take care of the burns and nicks.

    To think of it, I have indeed wasted a lot of money on shaving products all these years. Never had so much satisfaction with my shaves either.

  84. Nikhil Mangla says:

    Can I use alum to remove marks that are caused by pimples?
    And I have a doubt..
    Doesn’t it causes marks when apply on pimples?
    Plzzzz rply…. anyone..

  85. Kunal says:

    A barber told me that using phitkari regularly will darken your skin. I don’t trust barbers generally but still, I wanted your opinion on whether this is true. I have wheatish, clear complexion and a round, oval face.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Unless it’s proven scientifically you shouldn’t take it for granted. Just use it when you need to use. Think of Phitkari as sort of medication and not a beauty product. I’ve been using it regularly for over 10 years now and there is no such visible effect on skin colour.

  86. Rebecca K. Rose says:

    Dear Ajay – I’m an American living in Florida and just found your alum website. I think my husband (who is now 80 years old and still looks amazing) could benefit from using alum on his face. We are both very health conscious and watch what we eat and believe in drinking good water. You’re right on target there, so congrats.

    But, I am going to be 74 soon and want to find something which will tighten my neck, (which has a bad case of unflattering “turkey wattles” going right down the center of my throat.) I’m female and I’m vain – and I was hoping that alum would tighten this or drive it away altogether. Do you think that using Alum (crystal and natural form) combined with some Essential Oils like Frankincense, Geranium, Rose Moroc, etc. (these essential oils are all rejuvenating) would “rev” up the results?

    ALSO, I just finished reading ALL of your comments and replies to the many, many questions you receive. I want to thank you for your graciousness and just simple human kindness, not to mention PATIENCE! You are a class act and that is rare in this world these days. God bless you, Ajay.

    • Ajay Singh says:

      Thank you for compliments. Alum does tighten the skin it’s age old proven fact based on experience so feel free to use it but make sure not to overuse as it dries the skin. You can counter dryness with oil message. Oil is miracle for skin we all know it. You can use any oil which you feel comfortable with, coconut oil remains my favourite as it doesn’t smell and it’s light. The best oil is mustard oil but it’s thick and smells like hell. You should use just one oil and not make your skin as laboratory for oil massage testing. Daily massage with oil will keep skin glowing and give you young look for sure. Since you are already health conscious I’m sure you have covered rest of bases such as drinking a lot of water, regular exercise etc etc… Florida is sunshine state so that will also help a lot. I envy you guys. I’m thinking of moving there soon, I need Sun. Sick of miserable London weather. Good luck!

      • Merlin Mathew says:

        Am having sensitive skin and have both acne and acne scars…does alum darken the skin….plssss reply ..sir

      • Bernadette says:

        Does alum get rid of ingrown hair bumps that have got scarred due to constant picking/ tweezing it? I’m a girl n i have terrible coarse dark facial hair like stubble only becoz i used the Epilator on my face close to my skin against the grain, by rubbing this alum bar on my face will it help to get rid of all that hair n make it weak n thin over time???

        • Ajay Singh says:

          Unfortunately it will not help in getting rid of scar. Alum can’t alter skin colour. It doesn’t help in hair removal either.

  87. Abid says:

    I have Xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits in upper eyelid), can i use alum mixed with rosewater for its removal?

  88. Abid says:

    Can we use alum powder mixed with rosewater for treatment of Xanthelasma?

  89. Biya says:

    Hello, I wanna ask that whether can I use phitkari powder mixed with some powder? Will it give the same good effects?

  90. Rutuja Sunil Borade says:

    I am using alum daily in warm water externally for my skin is it safe?

  91. Abrish says:

    Hi there! I’m 28 years old but I am getting festoons from last 2 years. Now they are very visible. So i just want to know can alum work to vanish the festoos or malar bags. Also my skin is very thin.

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